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Effort Like Its Out Of Style

The Sun, the Earth, the moon, and stars are set apart.
We link them through the power of light and dark.
Accept the truth that this is who we are.
We cite the day the world can see our scars.

Reckless are the words that seem to scream,
“We are the world and we’re at peace!”
The minds of all made up from words that we don’t think.
The voice of those who claim to be

The All Mighty Ones,
The leaders of our cause,
The supreme dictators for us all.
No one can see,
If no one can speak,
A word truthful to what they mean.
We all live in war.
Where guns are useless for,
Persuading the world to open doors.


About joslynalana

I'm just a girl trying to make it in the world.

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