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June 29, 2012 “The Workday”

Well woke up as usual… to a cat chewing my hair out.  I did the usual quick stuff before loading up my cart and taking myself to work.  As usual, took a good 45 minutes of walking to get there.  No one had tried to claim my spot.  So far, so good.

I don’t start working until about 10 am.  The crowd is thin, but I really need the cash, so, I put the suit on and drive in circles until I can’t take it anymore.  One kind man drops a 5 into the bucket and lets the crowd know it.  Then the crowd follows and drops tips of their own.  This can sometimes be unheard of.  I don’t make it too long before the heat gets me down.

That same guy came back and said he hadn’t got a video of it because his phone was acting up.  So, after a quick smoke, I put it back on and work for about 15 more minutes, just for him.  In that short time I had pulled about 60 bucks real quick, but I could see the crowd was hot and thinning out quickly.  This heat is really gonna put a damper on things.  I worked only once more before i felt myself shivering, and if I remember correctly that is a sign of a heat stroke.  I called it quits.  I had only made 93 dollars, but that’s good enough when I’m risking a heat stroke.

High temperature for the work day:  94 degrees.  Saturday really needs to be lucrative… I don’t like struggling to get bills paid.

Now I am home and my first goal is to do laundry.  I’ll then come back and write another blog just before I head out to go see my good magician friend Warpo.


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