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Who “Josh” Was Part 2

Ok now, I left off with me and my friend taking every penny and heading for New Orleans.  We had a friend down in the Big Easy with a place to stay.  Now, I had no idea of what condition the place was in.  When we arrived i found that out very quickly. It was basically a house full of junkies.

As soon as I arrived in town I got a job at Cafe Beignet.   I met a girl in Jackson Square on that same day.  Her name was Allison.  She took interest in my poi skills.  Within 2 days of working there one of the junky roomates had gotten into another roomates stuff.  Everyone was told to leave.  I found this out when I was out on Bourbon St. with Allison.  She was squating at the time and told me I could join her.  I had no choice at that time.   From there I grew more and more attached to her.  We sold hemp jewelry every day to make money to eat and get a room (if possible).  We eventually decided to hitch hike out to florida… Panama City Beach to be exact.  It was not a very wise or lucrative decision.   Only took us 2 days to get there, though.. and a lot of walking.  We slept on the beach the first night, which, I can say is a terrible idea.   The rest of the week we found ourselves at either a nice motel on the beach… and then ended up at a trailor full of Mexicans.

We spent our last day, unknown to us at the time, on the beach smoking some hash a random hippy guy gave us as we were walking through town.  As we came around to the main street again a cop was waiting.  He told us he had received a call about us smoking pot, which we did not deny.  He said he had seen us around town carrying our packs and asked us to get out of his county.  I told him our stuff is on the other side of town and if we could go that direction then we would leave.  He said “No, county line is 4 blocks that way.”  We walked 2 blocks and hitched a ride to get our stuff before we packed up and left.

We walked for miles.. the rides we received were not very long at all.. maybe a few off ramps down the interstate.  We finally got stopped for walking on the interstate somewhere just west of Pensacola by two separate officers.  We made our way to the first off ramp, but not before finding 2 random dollars laying on the ground.  It wasn’t much, but when you’re homeless, hitch hiking, and broke.. it’s like a fortune.   There were 2 truck stops, but we chose to try getting a ride at the Shell.  We sat there holding a sign until I passed out on the sign.  A trucker came over and gave me 20 bucks to get us some food.  We ate Subway and then he gave us a ride… ALL THE WAY TO LAFEYETTE, LOUISIANA!!! That was quite a ride, except Lafeyette is a terrible place to try to hitch hike from.

People gave us tons of money but no rides. We just walked and walked and walked.  I’m gonna guess something over 30 miles were traversed before we took the money we were given and acquired a room.  We then woke up and walked a bit more.  She eventually called her dad to come and get us.  We headed back to where her family was.  I was not favored by them.

Shortly after we arrived she told me she may be pregnant.  So we took the money we had and got a birth control test. It was positive.  I figured we can do this.   She badgered me to tell my parents, whom I had not spoken to in 3 months.  I finally told them and she was still not happy with me about it.  I couldn’t find a job living in Jonesboro, Louisiana… mostly because it’s a super small town.  She eventually made me out to be a lazy, unwilling piece of shit.  She told me to leave and, thus, I was devastated.  I really liked her.  My mom purchased a bus ticket for me to get home.  Allison dropped me off and I left.

Another good stopping point… next time I’ll discuss having a child…. maybe I’ll even get to my coming out.  😉

Loves you all



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One response to “Who “Josh” Was Part 2

  1. I spent some time hitching in the early to mid 90’s and you are giving an accurate feel to the experience. Brilliantly done hun.

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