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Unto this world we find ourselves,



Ignorant of what we don’t know is there.

There are no answers,

Only solutions.

What we are will become what we were.

What we were and what once was,

May once again be real.

Future is only a time;

And presence may just be as well.

Existence is a reality.

I need no god to believe that.

I don’t live for a lord,

But for myself.

If there may be life after death,

Or even a creator,

“He”, whoever or whatever IT may be,

Did not intend for self worship.

That is arrogance.

What proof has He shown.

Nature is there and has it’s ways.

That is all I need:

A belief…that anything may happen,

When ever,

Where ever,

How ever.

That is reality.

Things happen,

And every good thing is never a miracle,

But luck.

Be happy for what you receive,

For life may be taken,

Be it you or a love,

When you think you have it all there.

For you are alive in a single amount of times.

That number is…



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I'm just a girl trying to make it in the world.

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