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Empty, lost, confused, scared, and careless.  

I’m somewhere in that region.  When I think about my life and where I want it to go, I seriously don’t have a direction.  I don’t see myself becoming much of anything.  My friends doubt me and I’m beginning to see that they are right.  I talk a lot and do a lot of nothing.  All in all… useless.

Nobody asks me to come around.  Nobody comes to visit me.  I spend my time in my head…. alone.  My home is boring.  My life is boring.  My skills are nothing more than time I have wasted.  Every time I find someone flirting, I’m let down because they like me, but I’ll never be good enough to fit for any of them.  

No love.  No appreciation.  No TRUE friends.  I have some great friends, btw, but I couldn’t say a single one of them would go to the end of the world and back with me.  People like me… for about the first 15 minutes, then they move on.  This is how my life goes.  I’m used to it.  I get it. Yet, I’m totally sick of it. 

All I want is a best friend.  Someone who speaks to me.  Someone who actually enjoys my company.  I believe I’ll find that one day.  I’m beginning to think New Orleans will not support me in my venture anymore.  

I don’t even know what I’m ranting about anymore…. I just hate everything and this is what I do when I feel this way.  

A friend a day…. that would be nice.


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